!When I was born, I hugged art

Kamal Mohammadi Majd is one of professional artist at middle east that he known as a bridge between art and technology and he simultaneously was a lover of art and science

In the past 30 years, He is active seriously in the  Fine arts, Architecture and Industry. He has been successful to produce more than 9 thousand works in various fields of fine arts, graphic design, design carpets, decorative architectural and industrial design

His friends and customers, including public and private organizations, scientists, authors, publishers, sportsmen and businessmen from more than 50 countries! In this website, you are familiar with some of his work which contains more than 40 different tendency


Date & Place of birth: Friday, April 04, 1975, MASHHAD, IRAN ●
Current location:Tehran,IRAN ●

Academic Education
Masters of Painting: Faculty of Arts, SHAHED University, TEHRAN, IRAN, 2008 ●
BA in Painting: Faculty of Arts, SHAHED University, TEHRAN, IRAN, 2003 ●
Diploma in Science: High School of SHAHID HOSAYNI MEHRAB, MASHHAD, IRAN, 1993 ●

Occupation History

Art4you Agancy: Graphic design, Multi Media, Movie, Animation, Web and Publications, TEHRAN, IRAN / May 2015 – Present

Manager & Founder, Art-Director and Head of designers ●

ZAMYAD Company (SAIPA Automotive Group), TEHRAN, IRAN / May 2005 – Present
(Senior Designer at Department of Engineering & Product Development (Present ●
Responsible for publishing and media (Communications office), 2014-2015 ●
Expert Decoration and improvement Places (in management office of strategy resources and organizing assets), 2013 ●
Expert Designer at Industrial Design Group (R&D Department), 2005-2013 

Negarestane Mehr, Qom, IRAN
Founder, Manager and Head of designers for Graphic design, Media and Publications,2004- Present ●

Supreme Leader’s Representative Office in Hajj and Pilgrimage Affairs, TEHRAN, IRAN
Adviser and designer for Graphic design projects and Publications,1996- Present ●

Sharif University of Technology, TEHRAN, IRAN
Researcher (in Digital Media Lab (DML) at the Department of Computer Engineering,2010 ●

Sudico Corporation (SAIPA Group), TEHRAN, IRAN
CEO Adviser for Commercial Advertising,2006,2007 ●

Ministry of Agriculture (Qom Province office), Qom, IRAN
Adviser and Head of designers for Carpet Design Optimization,2000 ●

Iran Broadcasting Organisation (IRIB), TEHRAN, IRAN
Radio & Video Announcer ,1998 ●

Astan Quds Razavi (www.aqr.ir), Communications office, MASHHAD, IRAN
Adviser and designer for Graphic design projects and Publications,1995,1996 ●

SAMEN educational center of Police, MASHHAD, IRAN
Designer for Graphic design projects and Publications, ,1993-1996 ●

Top National Student in ART /Reached Special President Award and Letter of Appreciation (by president Khatami, 6 December 2000 ●
Winner of the several Festivals for Art & Craft ●

Membership of the Iranian artists community
Member of Iranian Graphic Designers Association. Check ●

Artworks exhibitions (Tehran & Qom provinces, IRAN) since July 2000-May 2008 ●

Vray – Advanced (Tehran Institute of Technology), IRAN / August 2014 ●
3D Studio Max – Advanced (Tehran Institute of Technology), IRAN / June 2012 ●
Rhinoceros 3D Modeling – Advanced (Tehran Institute of Technology), IRAN /August 2011 ●
Training coach for industrial companies and organizations (Instructor Training Center & Technical and Vocational Researches), IRAN / January 2011 ●

(Main Skills (Top Perfect

Art-Director (A+): Media, Animation, Game, Advertising , Print & Publications ●
Radio and video Anouncer ●
Movie & Animation Anouncer for Charactors, Sound Emulator ●
(3D Model Designer (Manual & Digital ●
(Character Designer(Animation&Game ●
(Background Designer(Animation&Game ●
(Industrial Designer (Interior& Exterior for Commercial Vehicles ●
Product Developer ●
Rondo and Style Designer ●
(Color Optimization by Human factors (Automotive industry & Architecture ●
(3D Model Designer (Manual & Digital ●
Graphic Designer ●
Calligrapher ●
Logo Designer ●
(Architectural Designer (Head of Interior & Exterior Decoration designers ●
Contemporary Art Developer ●
Painter (Various Styles) & Trainer ●
Illustrator (Manual & Digital, Especially for Sciences ●
Sculpture ●
(Photographer (Manual & Digital ●
Visual Art Manager ●
Trainer for Industry & Visual Arts ●
(Native speaking & Give academically lecture (Persian ●
(General Translating (English, Persian & Arabic ●
(Corresponding (English, Persian & Arabic ●
(Speaking English (Working proficiency ●
(Software Skills (The most important selective ●
(Rhinoceros (3D Modeling & Rendering ●
(3DSMAX (3D Modeling & Rendering ●
(Vray (Rendering ●
Adobe Photoshop ●
Adobe Illustrator ●
Adobe In Design ●
Corel Photo Paint ●
Corel Draw ●
Paint Shop Pro ●
Microsoft Word & Power Point ●
(Web Designer (WordPress ●

It is better to know

!I designed the first Calligraphy Artwork at age 5 ●
!At 12, I received the first order for exterior architecture decoration ●
!At 16, I received the first order for Industrial designing ●

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